How My Husband Makes So Little That It Has Hurt Our Credit

Hurt Our Credit

Getting married, at the altar with my white gown and my prince charming next to me, I thought my life was going to be full of bliss, but what bride doesn’t.

While we were dating my husband used to shower me with gifts and whatever else I thought I wanted. This behavior, like many, I thought would last all through my life.

After all, I was getting married to an academic professor and from what I had heard, they make good money. Not to sound too materialistic but a woman needs to look at the future before she says ‘I do’.

For the children and for a better life, I’m sure many will agree. The only arguments I had foreseen are the normal couplearguments like he left his socks at the door again or forgot to put down the toilet sit.

After years of marriage, I now realize how naïve I was. He kept dishing out the lines “don’t worry we can afford it so many times that I could pretty much buy anything I wanted.

However, after several months, I started receiving calls at home about bills that had been unpaid and the credit card bills that had missed several payments.

I am a stay at home mom of two and I cannot do anything to help in terms of money. Speaking to my husband about our finances I came to the realization that we were in way beyond our heads.

In his need to please me and keep me happy, bills had gone unpaid and we had over spent on our credit limits.

The fact we both share a bank account and thus have credit cards that reflect on each other meant that both our credit cards could have a bad credit card score and this would certainly mean not being able to get credit anymore.

To try and salvage the situation I had to get a job at a local grocery store so that we can at least have money to pay for the basic needs and pay the credit that is due.

It’s been a long a tough road and with our children starting school next year, I cannot even begin to imagine what we will have to do to keep up.

The fact that my husband makes so little and did not tell me to begin with has had a very bad effect on our credit card scores and we can only hope that the things we do now on will help in credit repair.

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So What Wednesday {PW tells it like it is}

so what wednesdaysOne cold and blustery evening in early December 2010, I met an amazing group of girls at a Columbus blogger meet up. We enjoyed some Cheesecake Factory action, and I got to know Shannon, author of Life after I Dew.  Shannon hosts “So What Wednesdays”.  Shannon is extra fabulous for doing this.

Today, I’m in a “So what” kind of mood!


  • I haven’t been to my hair stylist for a little freshening up of the ol’ highlights in almost 6 months… I’ll visit her before I move to NY, because I’m pretty sure a cut, color, and style will be a tad bit more expensive than it is in rainy southeastern Ohio! I’m currently sporting the “ombre blond highlight” style. Um, yeah.
  • I’m counting down the days left in Ohio and at my current job.  I’m ready to move.  I feel like both of my arms, my right leg, and my head are in New York; my left leg is still in Athens OH.
  • I’m applying for jobs that have nothing to do with my college degree or professional experience – I need a drastic career change, and I spend my days wishing I would have studied this or pursued a degree in that. ENOUGH.  I’m throwing a bunch of hail mary’s, and hopefully a potential employer will catch one. OR, I’ll just be unemployed.
  • I have bitten my nails nonstop for the past year and a half – that’s the only really nasty thing I do. Well, that, and I use bad language a little too frequently.
  • I hid half of my Facebook friends from my newsfeed this past week – I respect others political viewpoints and religious beliefs, but I’ve been reading some extremist nutso garbage from both ends of the spectrum. ick. My newsfeed and I are much, much happier.
  • I am wishing away the summer for College Football season – I love it so, SO MUCH!
  • I ate cubed cheese, a muffin, two hotdogs, two cupcakes, and Wavy Lays during a 5-hour meeting marathon at the office yesterday – I was stuffing my face to stay awake; I had a major case of stiff neck and it was sooo rainy and cold outside!
  • I bought 6 bottles of Passionate Pomegranite handsoap at Bath and Body Works last week… it looks and smells pretty.
  • I’m ready to pack up all of my husband’s books so we can actually have some space to store stuff that we’re moving – he has a ton, and why should I pack up my things before his? He’s finished with school anyway…
  • I’ve had a frozen Freschetta 4-cheese pizza every Monday night for the past three weeks. They’re NOMMY.

Now, it’s your turn to be all like, “so what”, “whatever” n’ stuff. Show some sass, then link up with Shannon!

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Giveaway Reminder {Happy *Royal* Friday!}

This work week flew by for me, and I hope you were as fortunate ;)  I’ve been busy wrapping up the month of April by working at the office a little harder than usual – there are little projects going on that I’ve been a part of for some time, and then there’s the whole “get stuff ready for when you leave” thing. I have developed my very own little “system” over the course of the past 5 years, and while it makes perfect sense to me, I want to leave things in a user friendly order for the lucky ducks who get to assume my job responsibilities this summer. You know what? This ain’t easy. No way, no where, no how.  Switching my way of doing things over to an anyone-can-do-it way of doing things is taking a lot more time and requires a ton more thought than I had anticipated! I’m glad I started preparing to leave a little early!

happy fridayI’ve also been boxing up clothing, household, and other items that I do not want to tote to New York.  Basically, I’m getting rid of almost everything.  Seriously.  I’m going to try to sell things first, and what I don’t have luck selling, I’m sending to Goodwill – since I’m changing over to a “white gallery picture frame” style, I’m ditching all of my old picture frames.

In other Friday randomness, I am hopelessly in love with a gorgeous shower curtain from Anthropologie, but at $118, it’s hardly in my budget right now.  I’ve got this move to New York coming up, so I guess I’ll have to skip the beautiful ruffled beauty :(  {man, I wish I could sew…}

If you would love to purchase this for me (or sew a replica of it if you’re all crafty) as a housewarming gift, email or PM me on Twitter and I’ll happily pass along my mailing address! Come on, you know you want to – you’re not spending every extra dime you have on gas for your car, right?

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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Cake ‘n Egg Colorin’ {West Virginia weekend}

I have a completely absurd amount of craft paint that I hardly ever use. Not wanting to tote my paint collection to NY this summer, I packed it up and brought it with me to WV today. My mom has agreed to babysit the massive paint collection.

A sudden urge to color Easter eggs hit me like a ton of bricks, so mom and I spent the evening stuffing our faces with chocolate mousse cake and found our creative side.

Forget the PAAS – we broke out my Ceramcoat collection!





It’s fun being a kid at heart :)

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New Year, New Blog!

It’s official! I’ve made the move from ‘a Grad Student’s Wife’ to the wife of a professor! Thanks for joining me on this special day, as we are celebrating a few things:
1. The official launch of!
My blog, “A Day in the Life of a Grad Student’s Wife”, will still be living online via blogspot, but with the transition from Grad Student to Professor spouse, I’ve decided to transition from blogger to a self-hosted domain via WordPress as well. Change is a good thing, right? *Please be patient as I work out the kinks! ;)
2. The teaching position my husband just recently accepted from a college in upstate New York!
After all the applications and waiting, things actually came together much earlier than we had planned! We anticipated not knowing our destination until mid to late winter 2011. I certainly didn’t anticipate getting up and running until then, either… but here we are!
We will not be moving from Ohio to New York until summer 2011. That allows us plenty of time to enjoy Ohio, relax a bit, house/apartment search, and all of those other fun moving-prep activities people do. Of course, I’m going to be blogging about it, and I won’t leave you out of the loop for one split second!

3. A brand new phase in life!

New home, new state, new jobs, new everything – and you get to follow me through it all, right here!

Growing up in rural West Virginia, I never dreamed I would end up settling in the state of New York. One year ago, I never saw it coming. Seriously, one MONTH ago, I never really saw it coming! It’s proof that anything is possible, and that sometimes, you have to just throw certain expectations and assumptions out the window and just go with the flow.

Thank you so much for joining me on this incredible journey; I feel safe and secure knowing you’re here, experiencing all of the new changes with me! To my loyal readers who followed me from ’A Grad Student’s Wife’, I sincerely thank you.  To all of my newest readers, I hope you enjoy my blog – be prepared for lots of chocolate, shopping, sports, and Bath & Body Works related posts!

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